Simon King B.App.Sc.(Chiro), DIBAK, MACA

Sixty Studies Linking Strength With Longevity

there is a growing mountain of studies which firmly establish the link between muscle weakness and early death.
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Fixing An Inguinal Hernia

This new patient had acute low back pain getting steadily worse for one week, walking with difficulty, pain in right testicle and right SI/glut region. Watch as I work out exactly what the problem is and how to fix it in 5 minutes.
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The Quickest Way To Change Muscle Tone

For this patient, excessive afferent input (nervous signals to the brain) coming from his periodontal ligaments (in his mouth) caused back pain and weakness in his lower back.
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Afferent Input – the Universal Treatment

Any practitioner who touches, moves, pokes, prods, or examines a patient, is providing that patient with altered afferent input. Since we know that the withdrawal reflex is just one of the many reflexes that will operate when the patient is touched or moved, we know that any physical input will be altering muscle tone, the...
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