We train Health Professionals

to find better solutions to illness and injury

by restoring natural strength to every patient

We train Health Professionals
to find better solutions to injury and illness
by restoring natural strength to every patient

What is Afferent Input?

Make Sense of PAIN & INJURY

  • Almost all chronic aches, pains and injury are associated with poor muscle tone, either as cause or effect. 
  • Poor muscle tone leaves us vulnerable to sprains, strains, tears and other tissue damage.
  • Excessive muscle tone is often a sign of underlying inflammation the body is trying to avoid
  • Proper treatment of the underlying problem will return normal muscle tone
  • Restoring normal muscle tone improves the quality, quantity and enjoyment of life.
  • Dozens of studies consistently associate increased muscle tone (strength) with longer life and better health
  • Eliminating muscle inhibition returns afferent input to normal


  • For the brain and spinal cord to work properly they have to receive nerve messages which are produced by sensory neurons and arrive as AFFERENT INPUT.
  • Sensory neurons within muscles provide most of the input we need for body position sense, co-ordination, movement and strength.
  • Inhibited muscles starve the brain and spinal cord of normal input, causing knock-on weaknesses throughout the body.
  • Inhibited muscles don’t feel any different to normal muscles, so it’s impossible for us to know whether our muscles have the correct tone without a skilled practitioner to test them for strength.
afferent input

And Suffer LESS!

  • Our strength returns even without exercise
  • We feel younger and less prone to injury
  • Our joints stay flexible
  • Our organs and glands work better
  • We move fluently and with confidence
  • Joints keep their range of motion
  • We have far less pain
  • Injuries occur less frequently and they heal faster

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