Simon King – The Founder of Afferentology

Simon King discovered and developed Afferentology over 35 years of chiropractic practice.

It helps health professionals eliminate muscle inhibition which causes injury, pain and disability in so many people.

Simon has always striven to understand the true origins of disease and ill health. Fascinated by muscle testing and the connections between nerves and muscles, he set about learning all he could about Applied Kinesiology and eventually became a diplomate of the ICAK in 1996.

Faulty afferent input - the hidden cause of injury

Many patients run the gauntlet of “free” options like the NHS, Dr Google, family and friends, but they still don’t know where to turn when nothing seems to work to take away their pain or muscle weakness.

Sadly, most health professionals are committed to “evidence-based” treatment options which are appropriate for  populations, not individuals.

Finding the right treatment for an individual client requires a special set of skills to find the right diagnosis. Only with the right diagnosis, can you find the right treatment.

That’s where Afferentology comes in.

With the Afferent Input system practitioners can examine the individual patient and reverse-engineer what has gone wrong with their ability to heal themselves.

The methods Afferentologists use restore neuromuscular reflexes to normal by removing bad sensory inputs. They are safe, reliable and effective for the long-term.

Reflexes are the key to strength

I think we all know that Nature works best with no interference. What most of medicine fails to appreciate is that foreign bodies often create interference to our nervous system that reduces our ability to function normally.

The reason we can move and survive in our environment is because our nervous system has an almost limitless capacity to sense our surroundings and then keep us safe from injury through movement. It does this through muscle control and muscle reflexes.

When your reflexes are free of interference, you will heal injuries quickly and prevent them from returning so you can get on with living the life you love.

Although most doctors test the knee-jerk reflex, that’s only one reflex, in one muscle, without any regard as to what that reflex is doing in real life. That reflex is essential to prevent any and all injury and pain, and it needs to be tested in every muscle under a wide range of conditions.


After studying muscle testing in Applied Kinesiology, but still finding a lack of answers in diagnosing patients, Simon went back to the text books and re-examined the basis of the relationship between muscles and the nervous system.

This change in his thinking was what led Simon to discover and develop a new style of diagnosis and treatment which he called ‘afferentology’.

An afferentology practitioner finds and fixes abnormal muscle inhibition because muscle inhibition is often the underlying cause of most pain, injury and degeneration. It’s weakness, not of the muscle itself, but of the nerve connection to the muscle.

Over the last 20 years more than 800 chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists all over the world have studied Afferentology.

It is our aim to return you to the best possible health in the least possible time by spending the least possible money.  According to over 60 studies, increasing strength translates into a longer and healthier life.

Most importantly of all, the Afferentology system of diagnosis and treatment has relieved pain, restored muscle strength and given patients back the ability to do the things they want to do without their body’s weakness limiting their freedom.

Afferentology in practice

Simon started his chiropractic studies at the RMIT (then PIT) in Melbourne, being part of the first ever government-funded chiropractic course. He practised for two years on the Gold Coast in Australia before taking up a teaching post at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England before setting up two large clinics in Retford and Grantham.

As his practice developed, he became fascinated by the fact that certain patients responded to treatment while others did not, and the difference could not be explained by current medical knowledge, so he studied and became proficient in Applied Kinesiology, a system of diagnosis based on manual muscle testing and became a diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology in 1996.

The theory that became Afferentology grew out of his desire to understand the facilitation and inhibition that are fundamental to Applied Kinesiology.

Simon is currently practising in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire at the Naturality Wellness Clinic.

Patient Results

“Simon aka the “muscle strength guy” is amazing at finding small weaknesses and correcting them quickly. Would thoroughly recommend.”

Hugo Allen
Tennis Coach, London

“Dr King is exceptional and I have visited over 20 practitioners in the past. He finds the cause of the problem like no other,using his own technique of muscle testing. Worth the initial cost , there is no price you can put to not being in pain.”

Gary Skovron

“Dr King’s approach is very unique as I have never experience before. I have seen many practitioners in the past as well as Chiropractors and I can say he really nailed my issue quickly and addressed it effectively.”

Arthur Tovar
Chiropractor, London