Case Studies

We are grateful to these patients for allowing us to share their experiences. They illustrate the principles of afferentology in action.

These results may not be typical. Every patient is different and your results might be better or worse.

Notice the consistent pattern – persistent weakness resolved by removing faulty afferent input – the essence of afferentology.

Where It All Started

Lesley had severe muscle inhibition. She was the ideal test for my new ideas. As you can see from the video below (shot in terrible VHS), the diagnosis was spot on and her eighteen years of deteriorating health ended instantly when the faulty afferent input was removed.
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Slipped Disc From A Dental Crown

Watch this dramatic return to strength and normal mobility as this patient bites down on a gold crown.
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Pilates Teacher

Your Teeth Are Important To Your Body

"Simon instantly diagnosed this as coming from a root filling and crown that had been done some time ago, but my slight scepticism and cautiousness about the cost involved in replacing this caused me to delay taking his advice."
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Headaches Gone With One Adjustment

In this video you see how putting her head forward and down makes her shoulder weak. This weakness is occurring because in this position, she is using her neck extensor muscles (which are inhibited).
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Uncontrollable Movements Caused By An Apicectomy

This young man was distressed by the uncontrollable shaking of his head and neck which made him look nervous even when he wasn't. He never suspected the real culprit was a piece of dentistry he had as a teenager.
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Muscle Weakness Caused by Belly Piercing

Removing this dancer's belly piercing resulted in a noticeable improvement in her strength and movement - essential for someone whose livelihood depends on physical prowess.
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An Unexpected Trigger For Acute Low Back Pain

Many of us experience back pain from time to time. Sometimes it is mild, sometimes it is debilitating. Often the cause is unexplained...until the patient's afferent input is properly tested by a trained afferentologist.
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Increased Range of Motion Without Exercise

In this video you will see how we found weakness in the toe extensors causing limited range of motion in the ankles of a golf professional.
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Earrings Causing Hip Pain

My right hip had started to cause me a great deal of pain. While I was still mobile, I was constantly aware of this aching that never left me, and it felt like it was gradually getting worse.
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Fixing An Inguinal Hernia

This new patient had acute low back pain getting steadily worse for one week, walking with difficulty, pain in right testicle and right SI/glut region. Watch as I work out exactly what the problem is and how to fix it in 5 minutes.
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The Quickest Way To Change Muscle Tone

For this patient, excessive afferent input (nervous signals to the brain) coming from his periodontal ligaments (in his mouth) caused back pain and weakness in his lower back.
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