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Patient-based Diagnostic Excellence!

Training in afferentology refines your diagnostic skills and clarifying your thinking about how to find the best treatment for every patient.

Everything we teach is based on anatomy and neurology that has been known since 1906 and is common to all animals, yet this basic is ignored by almost everyone in the medical and alternative fields because it relies on a different paradigm.

Instead of focussing on finding the right treatment for a condition, sign or symptom, we strengthen individuals, no matter their presenting complaint. Through careful examination we determine each patient’s weakest link and then design treatments to return that system to normal. There is no downside to full strength.

The online courses and then a Live Workshop leads to certification in Afferentology.

Choose An Online Course

This free introductory course covers everything a health professional needs to understand to begin to incorporate Afferentology into their practice, in two modules.
  • Understanding Muscle Tone
  • Sherrington's Reflexes
  • The Myotatic Reflex
  • Muscle Spindle Cells
  • Anterior Motor Neurons
  • The Law of Reciprocal Inhibition
  • The Withdrawal Reflex
  • Creating Health with Afferentology
  • Learn how to test for strength - accurately
  • Essential tests for different muscles
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The ideal course for physiotherapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, dentists, personal trainers, massage therapists and other health professionals who don't use manipulation or adjustment.
  • 3 Hours CPD
  • Test every muscle for strength
  • Test the ability to withstand stress
  • Hypertonic Muscles
  • How to fix every weakness
  • Nutrition for muscle tone
  • Test for nutritional deficiencies
  • Test for food and chemical intolerances
  • Test for Toxicity
  • How Dentistry affects muscle tone
  • How Jewellery creates muscle weakness
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This course teaches those skilled in spinal manipulation how to accurately examine and treat the most challenging patients.

7 hours CPDEverything in the Health Professionals course PLUS
  • Find hidden weaknesses
  • How to solve every weakness.
  • Integrated movement testing
  • Testing the core stabilisers
  • Alternative tests for the muscles you can't reach
  • Examination of every body area
  • Examples of routine and advanced testing
  • Cervical Disc Lesions
  • Lumbar Disc Lesions
  • Inguinal hernia diagnosis and treatment
  • Coupled Adjusting for best results

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Become a certified AfferentologistTM

Certification starts with a free online course for all health professionals to cover the basic principles of Afferentology, then continues with two separate courses developing the theory into practice – one for health professionals who aren’t trained in manipulation and the other for chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists qualified in manipulation – and finishes with a Live Seminar providing practical, hands-on teaching in person.

Our Free Course

Our Free Course gives you everything you need to understand the Afferent Input paradigm and get started with the basics of afferent input testing. You will come to understand your patients from a musculo-spinal reflex perspective.

Learn Online or in Live Workshops

Our Online courses are the ideal precursor to our live workshops. You can learn all the theory and basics at home and be ready for a full day of hands-on practice. The Afferent Input system will clarify everything you already do and turbo-charge it in the process.

Afferentology for Health Professionals

The Afferent Input treatment paradigm brings an accuracy to your diagnosis and treatment you never dreamed possible. Everything we teach is designed to make every patient stronger, no matter what they are suffering from.

Our Health Professionals course is ideal for practitioners interested in the physical performance of their patients.

Afferentology for Chiropractors and Osteopaths

For chiropractors and osteopaths we have extended training which focuses on the spine to help interpret the best ways to adjust and manipulate. This course is also suitable for physiotherapists trained in manipulation.

Afferentology also helps astute practitioners to reach and accurate diagnosis, including the ability to know when referral or non-manipulation is a better option.


Your Instructor

Simon King has been in practice 32 years. 

In 1986 he qualified as a Diplomate in the ICAK and began teaching Applied Kinesiology.  In  May 2000, he went back to the textbooks and re-learned the neurology of muscles, specifically how muscle tone was controlled by muscle spindles and anterior motor neurons. When Lesley Pexton arrived in his practice, he knew he was onto something.

The theory produced some early dramatic success and although Simon worked hard to disprove it, the theory remains robust and reliable. The theory is not just sound, it is indisputable because it is the basis of all movement of all vertebrates.

Since then he has taught the paradigm and the techniques that derive from it to over a thousand practitioners, mainly chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists and almost universally, they report how it has made their practice easier and more enjoyable because they can manage their patients more effectively. 


Alan Jenks
Chiropractor, Canada

“The most logical and rational approach to muscle testing, diagnosis and patient betterment that I have read, listened to or practiced.”

Leif Petter Sigmundstad
Physiotherapist, Sweden

Just wanted to thank you for the great courses, and I am using the knowledge from the courses on every patient I have, and they couldn’t be happier. This really is accelerates the Philosophy from structure to function.

Mark Tucker
Chiropractor, London

Life changing is all I can say, phenomenal results and happy patients. Never been so content as a practitioner as I have been since learning these skills, thank you.