Earrings Causing Hip Pain

We are so used to the western medical way of seeing the body as a system of parts, we often forget that everything in our body is connected to everything else.

We see a shoulder specialist, or a knee specialist, or a neurologist, or a rheumatolgist but all of these parts are connected to every other part.

There are 86 billion neurons in your nervous system and each one is connected to up to 10,000 others. Who is to say what happens to your shoulder if you irritate a nerve in your foot? In fact, think about how your whole body moves differently if you do step on a nail, or have a pebble in your shoe.

In afferentology we are always looking beyond the complaint. We want to remove any interference to normal function.

We understand that muscles can act independently of our consciousness, through reflexes and we are always on the lookout for abnormal muscle tone.

If a muscle is inhibited, it cannot support a joint properly, the joint moves badly and that joint will often end up with osteoarthritis, especially in the hip, knee and spine.

In this case, when an earring pierces the skin, some muscles in the neck tighten, others are inhibited. This can result in muscular changes throughout the body, even in the hip.

If we find a relevant weakness in the hip, it is quite easy to test with and without the earrings, dozens of times if necessary, to confirm that the earrings are causing the hip weakness.

This is much better than doing a randomised trial with 100 other people and testing whether removing their earrings helps. It might not. There is no better science than using your body as it’s own control, especially for a treatment that is 100% safe and totally reversible (if it makes no difference, you can just decide to wear the earrings again).

Based on our testing, removing the earrings is the cure and no other treatment will work.

In Afferentology:-

  • Everything is connected.
  • The individual patient is all that matters.
  • Safety is key.
  • Strength is always better than weakness.

My right hip had started to cause me a great deal of pain. While I was still mobile, I was constantly aware of this aching that never left me, and it felt like it was gradually getting worse.

“The first chiropractor I went to see told me that it was the onset of arthritis which instantly horrified me. I was scared that I was going to eventually need a hip replacement.

“I went to see Simon at Naturality for a second opinion and when he said the pain was linked to my neck… to my earrings, I was amazed. I had been wearing pierced earrings since my early teens.

“Simon explained how metal can react with sensitive nerve endings. I took my earrings out at that first session with Simon and the pain just went and it didn’t return. I left all my jewellery off for a while, but have gradually phased in lighter pieces which my body seems able to tolerate.

“The story sounds weird but it worked, and they say the proof of the pudding is in the tasting!”

Christine LBerkhamsted

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