Your Teeth Are Important To Your Body

Pilates Teacher
Case Study

“As an exercise professional, keeping myself active and in shape are crucial to my work. Two and a half years ago I was suddenly plagued with acute shoulder pain that limited my arm movement and caused a constant deep ache across my upper mid back.

“Simon instantly diagnosed this as coming from a root filling and crown that had been done some time ago, but my slight scepticism and cautiousness about the cost involved in replacing this caused me to delay taking his advice.

“Over the next year the pain persisted making it difficult for me to work a full day and needing to rest and recover in between sessions.

“It was the exhaustion and weakness in undertaking any physical exertion that was so apparent. Trips to the supermarket, gardening and even hanging up washing become a huge effort.

“As a single parent and self-employed I was very dependent on my energy and physical fitness. I was on the verge of thinking I may have to change my career and lifestyle.

“Almost a year after my first consultation with Simon, on a two-week dancing holiday, my body virtually collapsed from the build-up of weakness in my muscles. I was ready to spend anything and try whatever might be necessary.

“Within hours of having the root filling cleaned out my body started to respond and it was as if a knife had been pulled out of my back. The improvement was gradual, but 18 months down the line I am now back to full fitness having recently returned from a 200km trek in the Himalayas.”

Jackie Gilbert – Elstree, London