August 3, 2021

Uncontrollable Movements Caused By An Apicectomy

This young man was distressed by the uncontrollable shaking of his head and neck which made him look nervous even when he wasn't. He never suspected the real culprit was a piece of dentistry he had as a teenager.
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Muscle Weakness Caused by Belly Piercing

Removing this dancer's belly piercing resulted in a noticeable improvement in her strength and movement - essential for someone whose livelihood depends on physical prowess.
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An Unexpected Trigger For Acute Low Back Pain

Many of us experience back pain from time to time. Sometimes it is mild, sometimes it is debilitating. Often the cause is unexplained...until the patient's afferent input is properly tested by a trained afferentologist.
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The Myotatic Reflex

The Myotatic Reflex (sometimes myotactic reflex) is probably our body’s most unrecognised and unappreciated defence mechanism.
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